The Obsession is real

We all hit the water in search of the giants, we hunt the day away regardless of the conditions and in each cast we know there could be a big fish just waiting to smash our bait.

It’s what drives each and everyone of us to continue getting up in the early hours of the morning, to hit that long road to the ramp and take off to chase biggins. 

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Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida has some awesome lakes for Peacock Bass. You might even hook into Clown Knife Fish, Largemouth Bass and more all on the same trip. See the list of lakes below.

Fish For Peacock

Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fresh water fishing in South Florida can always lead to a big fish experience. Home to some of the best lakes in the nation for largemouth bass. Check the list of lakes below.

Fish For Largemouth Bass