Does Color Matter?

One of the old great debates: Color.

Does Color Matter? I believe it does and I have been in situations that proved it.

Have you ever been fishing with a buddy and he starts catching and you didn’t? Did you see that he was throwing a bait that you didn’t have? Was it a color that you also didn’t have? This has actually happened to me a few times on the water.

The worst part is I am usually on the front of the boat when this happens.

I’ll give you an example:

My buddy was on the back of my boat throwing a red lipless crank bait and he started catching em. Guess who didn’t have a red lipless crank bait? That’s right – I didn’t. I watched him pull fish after fish trying not to get salty lol.

Not only is color important to water clarity etc. Some days they just hit on specific color, bait and presentation.

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