Tackle Tuesday EP.1

Let’s have a chat about how I rig up my rods for South Florida lakes.

A conversation about fishing line, rods, reels, baits, lures, glide baits, swim baits, worms and more.

Down here in South Florida we have low level lakes with tons of vegetation. This is why I do not throw light setups. You will learn quickly down here that light setups will lead you to heart ache. You will lose fish!

I refuse to throw anything under 50 pound braid and that is from experience. I’ve lost count of how many fish got wrapped up in vegetation and broke me off or even snagging a big fish that I didn’t expect to hit just to snap my line.

I am sure some will disagree and say just do it this way or that way… NO – I have learned from my own experiences.

Imagine using 12-15 pound fluoro just to be snapped off when you hit an 8 pounder. Not fun.

So, let’s talk about it in this video. Sub My Youtube Channel!

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