Let’s Talk Commitment Bite

Something I often have to remind myself of while fishing is slow down and wait for the commitment bite.

What is commitment bite?

Sometimes when you are flipping your worm around the bottom of the lake and you get that bite you have to gauge the bite. Did the fish just pick it up by the back of the tail and is swimming with it. Maybe the hook hasn’t even made it into the mouth and the fish is just gliding along.

Sometimes there is an aggressive second hit that happens… that’s when you set the hook! You have learn to read that and once you zero in on waiting for the commitment bite you will lose less fish.

In this video I talk about the instinct to set the hook when you feel the fish hit, and how to tell the difference between the fish just picking up your bait and the fish smashing your bait. If you learn how to read commitment bite you will catch more fish.

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